A Culture of Lying

CNN, quoting the Surgeon General, reported that “secondhand smoke is as dangerous as smoking.”

Time Magazine and the BBC, quoting the United Nations, reported that “secondhand smoke causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.”

A  married couple says a debt reduction company reduced their debt to zero.

A cancer survivor says her first oncologist told her she was going to die and then she went to this special cancer hospital and they saved her life with treatments she didn’t know existed.

A woman says she lost 56 lbs. without dieting or exercise and kept it off.

A young girl says her dad told her how good her facial skin looks since she started using the advertised product – and she has pictures to prove it.

An influential politician says – even with paying exorbitant executive bonuses and maximizing shareholder value – the private sector is better suited to provide health care and utilities than the public sector.

An actor on a talk show tells a funny story about how he fell when he was painting his own house.

A respected public radio news host pretends to be asking spontaneous questions of a correspondent and the correspondent giving spontaneous answers, while both are reading from a prepared script.

An award-winning economist says globalization is good for the American worker.

An esteemed general says “We’ll stay in (fill in name of country here) until the job is done.”

A holy man says he knows the way to heaven.

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