Travel Kit

Like air marshals, diabetics and people who dont speak English, smokers should prepare a kit for travel, now that little hospitality directed toward smokers can be expected.

I always bring my own plastic ashtray in my airplane carry-on. It doesnt create any X-ray image, and is light and easy to clean. Too often you get into your motel smoking room and theres no ash tray or only one. Seems Ive had to ask for a second ash tray the last six times I stayed anywhere. One of the most frustrating things is having a perfect place to smoke and you don’t have an ashtray.

Of course, getting creative making an ash tray can be fun, too!

Air freshener is an excellent thing for smokers to carry. If youre going to rent a car, its a necessity. Virtually all cars now are non-smoking, but a good vacuuming and cleaning and a spritz or two of Magic Orange or some other air cleaner and youve covered a thousand sins.

I also bring a small woolen rug in my checked luggage to use next to the motel bed because its so easy to knock a cigarette out of a tiny motel ashtray and burn the rug next to the bed. Wool is flame resistant.

When I traveled to the Russian Far East in the 1980s, they warned me that things like aspirin and batteries might not be available. If you think youre going to need something, make sure to bring it with you, they said. For smokers these days, the same rules apply.

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One Response to Travel Kit

  1. Hannah says:

    I swear by Citrus Magic for all my air freshening needs.

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