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Anti-Smokers Should Try Guerrilla Approach

I distribute a small publication in my remote Alaskan town and I would love to have an advertising billboard at the airport that said: “Whatever You Do, Read This Publication.” If they wouldn’t let me do that, the next best … Continue reading

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The Beef, Kind of…

Newsflash from the public health folks:  the life expectancy in the U.S. has gone up a little. Although our ranking is still abysmal compared to other developed countries, this is good news. According to a variety of broadcast and print … Continue reading

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Bhutan Boo-Boo

Some really sweet stuff has come out of Bhutan, a constitutional monarchy of 700,000 souls nestled in the Himalayas. Bhutan’s progressive monarch (until this January when his son was crowned)  constructed a Gross National Happiness index, to be used alongside … Continue reading

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Plus One

In the kitchen of a 1970’s Berkeley, California urban hippie commune, a hand-lettered sign above the sink read, “Wash Your Own and One More,” referring to dirty dishes. The “Your” was probably a big deal for these guys. They didn’t … Continue reading

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