Secondhand Smoke

I have an addiction
Makes me want to smoke.
Don’t have a conniption
I’m a decent bloke.

When I light my ciggie
You scream “Coffin nails!”
And proceed to list the
Poison it entails.

Do you wonder that I feel quite low?
There’s hardly any place you’ll let me go.

Don’t call the cops,
Don’t have a stroke,
Cause you’re exposed to
Secondhand smoke.

Even when we’re outside in the garden
You say that it makes your art-tries harden

You weep and wail
When I inhale.
You never let me do
That thing I do.

Even Jake my buddy who’s
A real Marlboro Man.
He now chomps on a wad of chaw
That comes in a can.

You will not croak,
It’s only cigarette smoke,
We’ll open the window,
I’ll open the window.

Don’t know the song? Check it out:


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