DWM, Smoker, Loves Kids, Pets, Walks on the Beach

I called a casual friend to let him know SensibleSmoker.com had been launched and get his opinion.

“You smoke, right?” I said, guilelessly.

“Err…yes,” he said, sounding – if such a thing is possible — like a deer caught in headlights.  “Err… recreationally.”

Now part of his reaction might have been due to my high local profile as a professional smoker – that is, unrepentantly addicted.  But I got the distinct feeling that I had unintentionally outed my friend.

Another of my friends, a tobacco-tolerant former smoker, is dating online, Tolerant, schmolerant, she’s dating a smoker right now!

So many of the personal ads say things like “MWF looking for kicks with art-loving non-smoking Adonis,” or “GLM and GBF seeking a confused bi-curious non-smoker,  race not important.”

Smoking seems to be a major issue in the dating scene, so shouldn’t – at least – a professional smoker do the awkward social “admission” right in text of the personal ad? “DWM, smoker, loves kids, pets, walks on the beach, seeks same or same-ish.” Separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak? Keep away the riffraff?

What kind of responses would that ad get?

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