Smoking Rooms Available

Innkeepers suffering from the dismal downward tend in tourism might consider laying out the welcome mat – just a small one – for the 20 percent of American adults who smoke, travel and stay in hotels and motels and vacation rentals.

The Sensible Smoker says that smokers these days are so grateful for the smallest accommodation that even just a sign of welcome is a strong sales pitch.

American lodging ads often state “Non Smoking Rooms Available.” Duh! What hotel, motel or vacation rental doesn’t have non-smoking rooms these days?

Would an ad stating that a small number of rooms are available for smoking customers be such a turn-off for the non-smoking public? Maybe –they’re pretty hysterical. I’m sure some advertising genius could figure out a way to get the message into smokers’ brains and stay under the radar.

Vacation rentals that cater to smokers are an untapped market. Maybe some smoker out there – if local anti-smoking laws don’t prohibit it  – wants to rent out rooms in his house as a Smoking Bed & Breakfast.

And, hey you restaurateurs – how about putting a nice bench under a roof, out of the wind.? That’s the kind of thing that says “Smokers Welcome,” the kind of thing that leads to repeat customers.

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