Bring Back the Smoking Parlor

After dinner, the men would retire to the parlor with their cigars and brandy, while the women sipped tea and sherry in the drawing room.

This seems quaint, but practical, to the Sensible Smoker.

Why not designate one room of the house as a smoking parlor?

The amount of airflow to the rest of the house is up to you to design and implement.

One old man smoked in his parked car in the rainy dark at night. His loving wife was so concerned about his health, she forbade smoking anywhere in the house. He shivered and sneezed.

Here’s a wooden sign company that seems smoke friendly and can help you make sure non-smokers are forewarned.

Having a smoking parlor does fly counter to conventional “wisdom,” that “there is no safe level of secondhand smoke.” This makes cigarette smoke run counter to the physics that pertain to all other toxins, that dilution makes them less lethal.

Here’s a tough cookie sheet on that score

This one argument – that it is a fool’s errand to dilute the amount of secondhand smoke in an indoor area where smoking is allowed – reminds me mostly of 1) religious fanaticism, 2) political fanaticism and 3) racist fanaticism. Is there such a thing as 4) public health/scientific fanaticism?

1)  In one second, with one sin, you can damn your soul for all eternity.

2) Once a member of a suspect political group, you are forever “the other.”

3) One drop of African-American blood makes you no longer white (but not vice versa).

4) Diluting the amount of secondhand smoke through ventilation and filtration does not even begin to address health concerns.

Will they at least let us smoke if we call the parlors “(wo)man cave(s)?”

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