G’Day Mate, You Shonky Wombat

The shrimp on the barbie folks are looking to become world “leaders” in the restriction of the use of tobacco products.

According to Crocodile Whoever it’s inevitable that smoking will be banned in apartment buildings. The Cancer Council of South Australia says a ban on smoking inside Australian apartments is “entirely possible and even probable”.

Earlier this month an eight-unit apartment block in western Sydney introduced a by-law making the premises, including balconies, completely smoke-free.

The Ashfield block is believed to be the first to impose such a ban, but Professor Brenda Wilson, the chief executive of Cancer Council SA, predicts it will not be the last.

“Expectation is growing that there be no smoke in shared places,” she said.

This from ABC Down Under

Couldn’t they ask smokers to put an exhaust fan in their window and try not to open the door to the hallway with a cigarette in their mouths?  Does a knee jerk overreaction have to be the only response to complaints/fears? Is “a total ban” the only tool in the toolbox?

This report from has a few more details

Anyhow, Aussies were recently rated as the friendliest people in the world. If this is the friendliest the world can be to smokers, maybe we need to redefine “friendly.”

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