Drug Use Choice As a Human Right

For a long time people have been getting high by ingesting little bits of things that might kill them if they used a lot.

Governments and religions say – and sometimes insist – that people use one thing or another to become intoxicated, while the government or religion next door or down the street prohibits the very same substance – sometimes on pain of death.

In the U.S. alcohol is the only stuff with which it is legally and socially permissible to become intoxicated. There are places in the Middle East where alcohol and tobacco are prohibited but hashish is tolerated.

As any medical person knows, different people can respond differently to the exact same dose of the exact same drug. The same range of individual responses happens with legal and illegal drugs. You’ve got happy drunks and angry drunks. And, then, you’ve got angry, violent drunks.

Each individual should have the right to decide what is best for them to ingest. Their choice should be judged based on their external behavior – what comes out of them – rather than what went into them.


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