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Applause for Tobacco – If Tepid

Remember when Herman Cain’s chief of staff casually smoked a cigarette near the end of one his candidate’s ads? Comedian Bill Maher made mention of it on his “Real Time with Me” HBO show Friday the 13th as he interviewed … Continue reading

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Cigarette Bum

Back in the day, when the tolerance of cigarette smoke was astounding, I smoked in college classrooms, in restaurants, in movie theaters, in the waiting rooms of hospitals, in hotel lobbies and in the hallways outside courtrooms. In the open … Continue reading

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Too Bad We Can’t Clean the Air

I have a musician friend with years of experience playing in bars. Her present gig is a smoke-filled venue with poor ventilation. Throaty-sounding after a weekend of singing and swallowing smoke, she fondly reminisced about the much cleaner air in … Continue reading

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Anti-Smokers Should Try Guerrilla Approach

I distribute a small publication in my remote Alaskan town and I would love to have an advertising billboard at the airport that said: “Whatever You Do, Read This Publication.” If they wouldn’t let me do that, the next best … Continue reading

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