Levels of the Legacy of Cigarette Smoke

First-Hand Smoke – Actual smoking

Secondhand Smoke – Actually being exposed to first-hand smoke

Third-Hand Smoke – Residue of secondhand smoke on clothing, furniture and walls

Fourth-Hand Smoke – Sight of real people smoking outdoors or seeing a film, photograph or painting of a person(s) smoking indoors

Fifth-Hand Smoke – Seeing a building knowing for sure that people are smoking inside

Sixth-Hand Smoke – Thinking that people just might be smoking in that building and thinking you might smell it

Seventh-Hand Smoke – Even though you looked in the window and the building is absolutely empty, completely quiet and the lights are off, you can smell something and you think it might be smoke

Eighth-Hand Smoke – Speaking to or thinking about a current smoker

Ninth-Hand Smoke – Speaking to or thinking about a person who used to smoke

Tenth-Hand Smoke – Thinking of or speaking to a deceased relative who used to smoke

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2 Responses to Levels of the Legacy of Cigarette Smoke

  1. Jay says:

    Nice. Actually, better than nice. Awesome. May I humbly offer the following:

    Eleventh-hand smoke: Dreaming of any the above first through tenth-hand smoke situations.

    Twelfth-hand smoke: Astral-projection into a room or building that contains first, second or third-hand smoke.

    Thirteenth-hand smoke: Dead yet still worried about if people are smoking or whether smoke is seeping into the afterlife.

  2. prog says:


    Hope you don’t mind but have copied this to here:


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